God of the Ibites who brought his idol to Earth from the Moon with their city, Ib. A millennium after Sarnath destroyed Ib, he visited destruction upon the city in revenge and became widely feared and worshipped in Mnar. Although The Doom That Came To Sarnath does not identify what Bokrug actually is, he has often been identified as a Great Old One, although Brian Lumley recast it as a race of reptillian humanoids who ruled over the Ibites (which could tie into the reptillian inhabitants of the Nameless City). According to the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana, Bokrug may just be a mask for something more terrible; as the Hastur entry in the Encyclopedia mentions that Hastur can take the form of a "two-hundred foot tall bipedal lizard covered with tentacles", it is possible that Bokrug and Hastur are one and the same – making the similarities between Ib and Carcosa all the more intriguing...

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