Hotel in New York in which the events of the story Broadalbin occur. It is also mentioned in the Insylum RPG. It is connected to Carcosa.

The NameEdit

Broadalbin is the name of both a town and a village in upstate New York, which derived their names from Breadalbane in Scotland. Whether there is/was a real hotel of the name in New York City is unknown, but its use would seem to derive from Robert W. Chambers having had a summer home in Broadalbin, dying there.

Broadalbin, by way of Breadalbane, derives from Scottish Gaelic Bràghad Albainn meaning "the upper part of Alba". Alba (Scotland, or, historically, Britain as a whole) is ultimately based on the Indo-European root for "white". Hence Broadalbin could be taken to mean "the upper part of white" or "white upper part".

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