The second fragment of Tatters of the King by Lin Carter is the outline of a story about Hali. It first appeared in Carter's Pnakotic Fragments in 1989.

The StoryEdit

Hali is a necromancer on the planet Carcosa in the Hyades who has been contacted by They That Reign (from Betelgeuse) and departs the Immemorial City in the first year of The Terror. It is foretold by The Phantom of Truth that between the reign of Aldones and the coming of The King In Yellow there will be no king in the Immemorial City.

Elhalyn, a priest of the Elder Gods, realises that Hali wrote in his Testament of the curse upon Aldones and is sent to find the Necromancer and learn more. Along the way, he encounters Yoogs and the nests of the Byakhee. It is revealed that Hali is opposed to the hurling of sacrifices into the lake for Hastur.

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