There are two, possibly unconnected, Castaigne families mentioned in The Carcosa Mythos. The first is that of cousins Hildred and Louis Castaigne (to which might be added Henri de Calvados Castaigne). The second is that of Mrs Castaigne and her daughter Constance Castaigne. Other references to Castaignes may or may not be connected to one or both of these families. A third family, bearing the modified name of del Castaigne, also exists in the fiction.

See also Xastain01.


It is implied that the Castaigne family is of noble, or at least upper middle class origin. The name would appear to be French, although the known bearers are American. Although possibly the ravings of lunatics, the family are referred to as the Imperial Dynasty of America and may be descended from Hastur (although whether from the Great Old One Hastur, the city of Hastur or Hastur The Falconer - or even Asturias in Spain - is unclear).


It is unclear whether the two families are linked. Given that Louis is born in 1877 and Constance Castaigne is pre-war and implied to be from before 1900, it is possible that she could be a third cousin (that she is Constance Hawberk, beloved of Louis, post-marriage, is unlikely as her mother is stated to be Mrs Castaigne).

Hildred is sometimes named as the author of the play, but it is unclear if this is intended to be the same Hildred or another.

Given that the information on both families are given in the context of madness, it is quite possible that most or even all of the meagre details we possess are the product of schizophrenia.

Speculation - Atheling FamilyEdit

In The Dream-Leech, it is said of the Athelings and other families that they "have it [the ability to bring Carcosans to life] in their blood". It is possible that it is this ability that connects the Castaigne family with the Play.

Meaning of the NameEdit

Castaigne is a French surname derived from the word for the (Sweet) Chestnut.

Castaignes in the real worldEdit

Castaignes in other fiction Edit

  • Ryan Castaine is a false identity used in the BBC comedy The Wrong Mans.

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