Childe Rowland was originally the title character of the Scottish ballad Childe Rowland, the son of a Queen (often said to be Guinevere), whose sister is kidnapped by the king of Elfland.

Childe Rowland appears as the protagonist of the story To The Tower, Childe Rowland, in which he is the son of Arthur and Guinevere and brother to Camilla and Cassilda. (The story also incorporates the later Dark Tower motif.)

The Dark Tower Edit

The ballad inspired a line in Shakespeare's King Lear, "Child Roland to the Dark Tower came", which became the title of a poem by Robert Browning, written in 1855, allegedly inspired by a dream. This poem, in turn, inspired Stephen King to create the character of Roland the Gunslinger in his Dark Tower series, in which the Dark Tower is home to The Crimson King.

The motif of the Dark Tower has also inspired a series of (mainly poetry) chapbooks from Atlantean Publishing, one volume of which included the Yellow Mythos tale Dark Tower Dream.

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