I have deleted the pages connected to this, as the files were very much works in progress, and not to be seen by the public (they went up online before we started using Dropbox as a means to share information, as I foolishly believed no-one would stumble across these unless directed here). As of today they are gone BUT if you HAVE read them I'd be interested to get your input, to see what worked for you and what didn't, and then when the pieces are rewritten (as they inevitably will have to be now), I can cut out as much crap as possible, and focus on the more interesting or intriguing stuff.

Just send me a private message at p s i . b r e a k e r @ y a h o o . c o . u k with the Subject title CTHULHU ADVENTUS (just so I don't miss it)

Main Articles

The Mythos Threat - Overview

The Mythos Threat - Degenerates

The Mythos Threat - Worship of the Gods

The Mythos Threat - Cthulhu, Shubb Niggurath and Nyarlathotep

The Mythos Threat - Hastur, Ithaqua and Yig

The Mythos Threat - Y'Golonac, Tsathogghua and Chaugner Faugn

The Mythos Threat - Yog Sothoth and Ghroth

The Mythos Threat - The Dreamlands and Out of Time


Beneath the Surface

Day In The Life

Eye Of The Storm





Children of the Yellow Sign

Deep In The Forest

The Ruins of Rio de Janeiro

Courting the Egyptian

Lost In Space

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