Story by DJ Tyrer, originally published in The Steam Chronicles (2015) and republished in A Terrible Thing (2016).

It is the sequel to The Streets Of Alar, set during the war between the cities of Alar and Aldones. Princess Thale is now the queen of Alar and appoints Lady Constance de Calvadorr, niece of the Baron de Calvadorr, to investigate a raid on the Marigny Metalworks the war-winning Land Behemoth. The Aldonean commandos are assisted by Gordo Bozz, a former member of the Church of the Dragon, and their leader describes himself as a servant of the First and Last King and the All-Devouring Dark Stars. Features a showdown involving a steam locomotive and an autogyro.

Mentions The Street of The Four Winds. Field Marshal Castaigne and General Robardin are advisors to the Queen. Crespian is mentioned as a neutral city.

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