Family in The Machine in Yellow, dwelling in Brazil. Probably a branch of the Castaigne Family. Despite living in Brazil, the del prefix ('of') is Spanish, although there is no evidence of a place called Castaigne (a French name) in Spain. Given that they smuggled one of the last copies of The King In Yellow to Brazil, it is possible that the family arrived at the same time (c.1900) either from Europe or the USA; presumably, they added the 'del' in attempt to make themselves sound Spanish, passing themselves off as immigrants from a neighbouring country. It is also possible that they adopted the name in honour of Hildred Castaigne, especially if he is to be identified as the author of the Play.

Having come into possession of the Play, the family began a tradition of naming their children after characters from the Play (for the stranger names, the character name would be taken as a middle name and used within the family and with close friends). This tradition was in its second generation at the time of the story. Members include :

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