Sourcebook for the Delta Green RPG. It contains details of a variety of Cthulhu Mythos cults and other antagonists for Delta Green to investigate, including a chapter on The Hastur Mythos that does much to define that Mythos' current shape.

The Hastur MythosEdit

This section is written by John Tynes and illustrated by Dennis Detwiller. Hastur is described as an impersonal force of the universe, entropy, "which assumes an individual role only in respone to the entropy caused by human beings - our destruction gives it form, our violence gives it name, our screams give it a voice. It is no more of a deity than gravity is, no matter how many people worship and ascribe it a personality and an intelligence". The King In Yellow remains a "curious manifestation of Hastur". Carcosa "is a strange ghost-metropolis that consumes other cities whose vice and melancholy draw the grim feaster-city towards them". The Phantom of Truth determines "whether the city shall be consumed or not". Yhtill was a city once consumed by Carcosa, but the royal palace remains separate, across the lake, re-enacting the events recorded in The King In Yellow (The Play). Byakhee are the inhabitants of a city long ago absorbed by Carcosa. There are a lot of suggestions for adventures in Carcosa, including:


Suggested themes for adventures involving the Hastur Mythos given are:

The Green DoorEdit

Located within Club Apocalypse, and only openable by Stephen Alzis, this leads directly to The Whisper Labyrinth in Carcosa.

Locations In CarcosaEdit

These overlap slightly with the locations given in The Night World.

The King In Yellow Tarot DeckEdit

This section, written by Daniel Harms and John Tynes, details a version of the Tarot created in about 1900 and themed to the King In Yellow with suggestions for using it during an adventure.


The following adventures appear that relate to the Hastur Mythos:

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