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God's Lost Children, or GLC as they are more commonly known, were a heavy metal band that briefly achieved a degree of fame in 1987 when they released their album Unspeakable (presumably a reference to Hastur). They performed six dates around New York before three band members were killed during a riot at a gig in Jacksonville, Florida in February that year. They were inspired by the mysterious Turner Codex. More information appears in Delta Green: Eyes Only.

Anton Leonard Merriweather was a huge fan of the group and tried (but failed) to locate a copy of the Codex. Rather than being dismayed at the end of the band, he was inspired to found his own (which eventually became Charnel Dreams). He bears a quote from their song The Dark Ones Rise (from Unspeakable) as a tattoo on his shoulder beside The Yellow Sign :

To the one who comes after;

The lost master of our fates,

The creator of those who hate,

And the father of all lies.

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