Harry Mezel is a character created by Dutch authors Jaap Boekestein and Marcel Orie. He is a sort of downtrodden Wandering Jew like character who pops up in many of their stories, sometimes in the background, just the mere mention or suggestion of his name, sometimes in the foreground as the main character, struggling his way through whatever morass of troubles he has been dumped in.

In Postcards from Carcosa he is the main character, an office clerk employed in a ministry dealing with forbidden books and extinct languages, whose sanity slowly crumbles away.

In A Manual for Later, for After the Apocalypse he is Harry the Puppeteer. His puppet show, featuring Camilla, Little Groucho and Pierlala, plays an incidental yet integral role in the story.

In The Emperor of Madness he is one of the inmates, an alcoholic ex-office worker with religious delusions who suffers terribly at the hands of Doctor Archer.

In I, Harry Mezel by Jaap Boekestein (Forbidden Knowledge #1) he is the hero in a pulpy Space Opera story in which he saves a damsel in distress from the brutish henchmen of a millionaire infected with an alien parasite.

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