Character in the adventure Night Floors. Mysterious manager of The Night Floors He works for an unnamed 'Super' or Superintendent - his euphemism for The King In Yellow. He is an old, old man with a shuffling limp, whose white hair is long and unkempt. His voice has some sort of central or eastern European accent to it, albeit a bare trace. If asked, he will say he was born in Carcosa, but will refuse to elaborate on where or what that actually is. His apartment is stacked wall-to-wall with newspapers, none more recent than 1940, and some carrying bizarre headlines such as "Russo-Germanic Pact Crumbles, Vienna Liberated" on a New York Tribune for July 1st, 1923). He has many black-and-white photographs with enigmatic inscriptions on them and will only talk vaguely about them and his family - if asked what happened to them, he will say only that "They all died in the war." He owns a copy of The Imperial Dynasty of America - taking it will cause him to attempt to kill the one who took it, albeit ineffectually.

He is stated to be a cousin of Hildred Castaigne and a rival for his claims of kingship.

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