Story by Gary Vehar published in the 2007 King In Yellow Anthology.

Dan Bolles and James Kaufman (the narrator) attend an archaeological dig in the Rub al-Khali in Arabia at a site nicknamed Camp Sumner after the dig leader, Professor Sumner. The digsite is at a dried-up lake bed and is of a black stone city they believe to be Carcosa. Superstitious camp guards believe that they have sighted the King In Yellow himself, who has taken some of their fellows into Carcosa, to 'walk the sands' - a phrase that appears to refer to the ghostly white-masked figures that Dan can see in the desert beyond the camp, whispering to him. Ends with James at the airport asking that infamous question : "Have you seen The Yellow Sign?"

See also Beck, Donahue, Hafiz, and Van Etten.

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