Story by Roger Johnson and Robert M. Price, published in Rehearsals for Oblivion (Act I). It includes a quote by Oscar Wilde and is a sequel to his The Picture of Dorian Gray, including the characters Lord Wotton and Basil Hallward.

The PlotEdit

It is revealed that Wotton, his friend Adrian Lee and Dorian Gray had all read The King In Yellow and Wotton decides to stage a performance of the Play in memory of Dorian. The performance affects all those who take part in various ways.

The CastEdit

The PerformanceEdit

The performance is held at the Standard Theatre in Shoreditch, managed by Mr Isaacs. Prior to this performance it was showing The Silver King.

The PlayEdit

The version of the play that is performed is set in the city of Hastur with Carcosa across the lake. It mentions "the desolate song of Cordelia" and later quotes the first verse of Cordelia's Song. At the end of the First Scene, Cassilda declares "There will be no other king in Hastur till the King In Yellow." Naotalba and Cassilda discuss the reality of Carcosa, there are references to The Phantom of Truth, Corydon and Camilla discuss the future of the imperial dynasty and, in connection with the Phantom of Truth, there is an exchange between Cordelia and Corydon.

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