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1894 novel by Robert W. Chambers, published the year before his seminal short story collection The King In Yellow.

"His first novel is a tale of doomed love set in the Latin Quarter of Paris, suggestive of La Boheme or the 2001 Moulin Rouge film.

As a first novel it is pretty well done, although characteristically melodramatic in spots. As I worked on editing and typesetting it I came to like it very much. There are many vivid scenes that should not be missed: student painters jammed into the atelier on a hot day, street riots, a fabulous masked ball, the mad street urchin, and the long interlude hunting and fishing at a lodge in the German Alps.

Several characters also appear in The King In Yellow: Braith, Elliott, Foxhall Clifford, others. Perhaps there is even a glimpse of Rue Barree..."

Be advised that it contains some "rather raw anti-semitic content".

1. Summaries from:

2. In the Quarter (1894)

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