James Blish (1921–75) was an American author of fantasy and science-fiction. In relation to The Yellow Mythos, he is known for publishing the story More Light in 1970, a pioneering attempt to reconstruct the apocryphal play The King In Yellow from the sparse hints in Robert W. Chambers' original writings into an actual text, including the fleshing-out of names mentioned only in passing by Chambers and the creation of wholly new characters such as The Child. This work was later built upon by Lin Carter in The King In Yellow: A Tragedy in Verse.

Outside of the mythos, and after the bulk of his prolific and acclaimed writing career, he was well-known for authoring a large number of short story adaptations of original-series Star Trek episodes in his last years, plus the first ever original adult novel based upon the series, Spock Must Die!, which appeared in the same year as More Light. Blish spent these latter years of his life in the UK, and is buried at Oxford, near the grave of The Wind In The Willows author Kenneth Grahame.

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