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King In Yellow anthology cover
The King In Yellow : An Anthology
was published in 2007 by Atlantean Publishing; it was edited by DJ Tyrer and included stories, discussion, poetry and artwork. It is an A4 format, small press publication.

It was replaced by A Terrible Thing in late 2016, containing many of the stories from this collection, plus additions.

Prose ContentEdit

The following prose stories and articles appeared in the anthology :


The following poems appeared in the anthology :


The following artwork appeared in the anthology :

  • Yellow Sign by DJ Tyrer (appears in colour on the front cover and inside rear cover, also in grey as a filler piece)
  • a piece by Alan Hunter (page 1)
  • illustration for The Rest Of Your Life by Chris Catt James (of Carcosa exit road sign; page 11)
  • a piece by Chris Catt James (page 12)
  • Carcosa by Hugh Thomas (page 15)
  • illustration for Dreams Of The King (page 25)
  • Spaceship by Chris Catt James (page 28; this has also been used to illustrate DS Davidson's Lovecraftian SF tale The Grail Of Derwandir in Atlantean Publishing's Grail anthology and Monomyth)
  • A Moon Over Carcosa by DJ Tyrer (page 32; also used as a cover for Bard)
  • illustration for Sire by Chris Catt James (page 33)
  • illustration for The Swelling by David Conyers (page 47)


The Atlantean Publishing website page for the anthology, containing reader responses and The Phantom of Truth picture by Glynn Owen Barrass can be found at

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