Music related to The King In Yellow includes:

  • Cassilda's Song is significant as a song appearing not just within Chamber's book but within the Play itself. Versions of Cassilda's Song have been recorded by a number of artists. For other songs that may be considered part of the Play, see Songs.
  • Creativitist Musician Philip Stranger has adapted and recorded a version of Cassilda's Song for piano & voices. This song is rumoured to be the beginning of a concept album based on The Prophet's Paradise from The King In Yellow. Painter Thomas H. Green is in talks to provide the artwork for the album cover.
  • Rainfall Records & Books have released an album titled The King In Yellow inspired by the Yellow Mythos. It features a version of Cassilda's Song as well as original pieces.
  • Blue Oyster Cult's song "ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)" includes, in its lyrics:
I'm in fairy rings and tower beds.
"Don't report this," three men said.
Books by the blameless and by the dead.
King In Yellow, Queen In Red.
(The Queen in Red is presumed to be a reference to Lewis Carroll's Red Queen)
"The Yellow Jester does not play
But gently pulls the strings"
  • The Finnish black metal band Dawn of Relic's debut album from 1999 is called One Night in Carcosa. The album's second song is titled When Aldebaran is Visible and mentions Byakhee. The instrumental opening track for the band's second album Lovecraftian Dark is called Dawn Over Carcosa.
  • French Death metallers Yyrkoon display The Yellow Sign on the cover of the album 'Unhealty Opera'. There don't seem to be any specific references to the Yellow Mythos, but the track 'Abnormal Intrusion' seems to be about the Tillinghast Resonator, and 'Horror From the Sea' is about exactly what you think it is.
  • The Dead Milkmen, a satiric punk band. Their ninth studio album was titled The King In Yellow and included a song with that title, though there don't seem to be any specific references to the Yellow Mythos.

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