Adventure by Dennis Detwiller in Delta Green: Countdown. It inspired Detwiller's Insylum RPG, which makes use of the same building in one set.

The AdventureEdit

The adventure takes place in the Macallistar Building and the supernormal additions to it known as The Night Floors. The disappearance of one of the tenants gets Delta Green involved and they soon discover that something strange is going on. The agents must unravel the mystery of the building and attempt to escape alive with the tenants.


The TenantsEdit

These are the actual (mundane) inhabitants of the building - however, when the sun sets, they change...

Tenants of the Night FloorsEdit

  • David Langford - A cable-repairman who became trapped in the Night Floors.
  • Mark Roark - An enigmatic man who lives in 'the hotel', as he calls the building.
  • The Dog - Invisible to anyone who has not started to go insane within the building, but otherwise friendly.
  • The Encyclopedia Salesman - A mysterious figure who is only glimpsed, and seldom by anyone who has not started to go insane within the building. He can never be caught, but might lead investigators into The Whisper Labyrinth.
  • The Author - Never seen, he is known only by the sound of his typing and the pages of his play that he leaves lying about the building.
  • Henri de Calvados Castaigne, The Night Manager.
  • The Super (ie Superintendent) - Castaigne's euphemism for The King In Yellow.

Writings EncounteredEdit

Investigators will encountered two written resources here :

Encounters on the Night FloorsEdit

Within the mysterious Night Floors, a number of encounters are suggested such as a wall of photographs of people holding bottles from The Whisper Labyrinth, a little girl dancing and singing, her features covered by white gauze, who proves to be a clockwork automaton, a book that describes a dream the investigator once had and a room with statues of an arguing couple from which the sounds of argument can be heard whenever it is empty, amongst other surreal events.

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