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Editors seeking Yellow Mythos-themed contributions should list them here. Please provide contact details or a link and the closing date, and delete them when you are closed to submissions.

  • The Mythos Fiction Facebook group is a great place to learn about calls for submissions, new releases and discuss your ideas.
  • Atlantean Publishing is always open to Mythos-themed short fiction and poetry for their publications, as well as art. We are particularly interested in artists for potential future anthologies or booklets - so get in touch! The Yellow Leaves series is open to contributions. Our website is located here and visit Current Requirments and our guidelines pages for full details.
    • A collection of King In Yellow themed poetry. Deadline: Open.
    • Not specifically Yellow Mythos, but we are seeking submissions related to the Franco-Prussian War, Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune, and Yellow Mythos stories will be welcome. Deadline: End of March 2019.

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