Tales of Soldiers and Civilians is a collection of short stories by Ambrose Bierce, whose first edition appeared in 1892 (though the publication date is given as 1891). It was also published as In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians; under this title was published the first British edition in 1892 and an expanded and revised U.S. edition in 1898.

It is notable in the Yellow Mythos for bringing together, in a single published work, the stories An Inhabitant of Carcosa, in which the city of Carcosa is first mentioned in a published work, and Haita the Shepherd, in which Hastur is first mentioned in a published work.

Also included in this collection

  • The Suitable Surroundings, a story that features a mysterious manuscript that can kill and damn.
  • The Man and the Snake, a story in which a snake plays a role in the bewitching and subsequent death of a man, its eyes at one point described as 'two dazzling suns'.

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