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The constellation of Taurus: the Hyades (top left) outline the roughly triangular 'face' of the Bull, with the glaring red Aldebaran its 'eye'. The smaller cluster of the Pleiades is to the right. Bright object near the horizon is the Moon, above it is Venus. (Taken from APOD)

Taurus is a bright constellation of the Zodiac, representing the celestial Bull. Its 'face', imagined head-on, is outlined by the V-shaped pattern of the Hyades, and the vivid red giant star Aldebaran forms one 'eye'. The famous "Seven Sisters", the Pleiades, also lie within its borders.

According to Marion Zimmer Bradley, the Arabic name for Taurus is Hali.

See Aldebaran, Hyades, Pleiades for more on the constellation's features, including how some of them pertain to the Mythos.

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