Story by William Laughlin published in Rehearsals for Oblivion (Act I). It is a sequel to More Light. An author's note claims that the details were obtained from a psychiatrist named Doctor Sarah Archer-Spielman.

The story is composed of transcripts of notes keps by father-and-son patients Jason and David Atheling. Jason announcers himself to be a 'bookburner' dedicated to destroying copies of the Play. Both he and his father, along with his uncle, had been victims of what he terms a Dream-Leech - which takes the form of a man named Mr Wake who has worked with David Atheling and Carl Szabo to stage the Play (described here as "a rare 17th century French drama by an obscure author") at the Alden Theatre. We then read an article by Joe Halbherr describing how the theatre has been destroyed by fire, causing nine identified victims and leaving only one, badly burnt, survivor - Susan Horne. The Child's speech from the version in More Light is quoted (presumably, David got his hands on his brother's copy of the Play - although this raises certain questions). The play is compared to Kyd's Spanish Tragedy and Poe's The Masque of the Red Death in terms of plot. David creates a modified version of The Yellow Sign which he refers to as the Carcosan Crest, comparing it to a swastika. David also compares "The City Across The Lake" to the works of M.C. Escher. The confusion over the meaning of the name Hastur is highlighted as David and Szabo argue whether it refers to a city, a family or a god/kraken-like monster; Mr Wake claims it includes all meanings "like a household god".

Mr Wake reveals that the Play acts as a conduit for Carcosans and that "As long as there are humans, there will be Carcosans". He further reveals that the play is of great antiquity and that the Athelings and other families "have it [the ability to bring Carcosans to life] in your blood". Jason Atheling resolves to fight the forces of Hastur and Carcosa, but it sems he is doomed to lose.

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