It would seem that, as a forbidden work, The King In Yellow has attracted those who would make their own versions - possibly to profit from the gullible, possibly due to madness. This would explain why details of the play seem to vary from source to source and its age tends to vary. Of course, it is possible there never was a genuine play and that all copies are the work of madmen driven by an urban legend - not that that necessarily makes such copies any the less dangerous...

More LightEdit

The narrator of More Light states that he believes the play that Bill Atheling possesses was written by Bill. Bill himself claims that it was written by Robert W. Chambers and that he received it via H.P. Lovecraft, meaning it is still not the genuine article. The narrator's belief is supported by errors in the text that would not be there if Chambers had written it.

The Dream-LeechEdit

As a sequel to More Light, it seems likely (especially given the quotation of The Child's speech from the script in that story) that the play used at the Lakeside Theatre is the copy possessed by Bill Atheling, somehow passed into the possession of his brother, David. However, it is claimed that the play they are performing is a "rare 17th century French drama by an obscure author", in which case either the script in More Light is based off an older version of the Play than any known or the producers were lying or confused. Mr Wake does, however, state that the Play is of great antiquity, meaning that it is possible that all versions of it that appear are based on a genuine original (or that, as he also states that the Atheling Family "have it in their blood", it is possible that certain people are connected to the Play in a mystical sense, reconstructing it each time - thus, Bill's play could simultaneously be a forgery and the genuine article!).

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