Story in The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. Set in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Artist Jack Trent lives with his dog Hercules and his model Sylvia. The events of the story take place during the Siege of Paris in 1870. An acquaintance of Trent's, Hartman, is arrested as a German spy, despite being an American citizen. The story ends with the Germans shelling the Latin Quarter; Trent rushes back home to see if Sylvia is alright and sees a child scrawling "Here fell the first shell", giving the story its title. The story includes characters from Chambers' earlier novel In the Quarter and has no overt links to the Yellow Mythos. Characters appearing include : Monsieur West, Pere Cottard, Colette, Odile, Marie Guernalec, Captain Southwark, Braith and Fallowby.

See also Streets and Eternal War.

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