The pages of this wiki are grouped and organised using categories. Here follows an overview of this wiki by reference to the most significant categories and their distinctions.

Note: The following does not strictly adhere to the hierarchy/nesting of the wiki's categories but rather serves to outline the wiki in its totality. For a complete and up to date list of categories see Categories list.

Mythos, MythoiEdit

This category encompasses the various Mythoi of concern to this wiki. For some instruction in their distinction see Mythos (Definition). Notable subcategories:

  • Lexicon: The key terms and concepts of the Mythos.

Mythos in PrintEdit

  • Authors: Authors who have contributed to the Mythos.
  • Editors: Editors of collections in this wiki.
  • Parodies: Parodies of the Mythos.
  • Poems: Poems of the Mythos.
  • Publishers: Real world publishers [and publications].
  • Stories: Works and stories of Mythos.

Mythos beyond PrintEdit

Non-Mythos FictionEdit

This category encompasses fiction that is not part of the Mythos but which has some connection to it.

Real World FictionEdit

This is a supercategory encompassing all real world fiction both Mythos and Non-Mythos; stories, poetry, and other artistic works.


This category encompasses concepts, tropes and themes to be found in connection with the Mythos. Notable subcategories:

  • Colours: Colours that play a role in the Mythos.
  • Dynasty: Dynasties of the Mythos.
  • Family: Pages related to the concept of family and the families of the Mythos.
  • Eldritch Tomes: Fictional books, poetry and plays relating to the Mythos.




This category encompasses fictional characters. Notable subcategories:


This category encompasses fictional groups. Notable subcategories:


This category encompasses non-human races connected with the Mythos. Notable subcategories:


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