The Yellow Cross is an organisation dedicated to ridding the world of the King In Yellow. Whenever a copy of the play is printed, they seek to destroy all copies to prevent its corruption spreading. Only one member has ever read the play, and he "went over to the enemy". They appear in the story The 7th Day The Yellow God Rests. Their agents, such as Agent Sinclair, use pseudonyms. The story does not describe their origins, although they would seem to date back at least until the 19th century and could be older. They seem to have official sanction and it is possible, from their name, that they have an origin as a Catholic order. Their emblem is a yellow cross flanked by a pair of coiling yellow serpents; despite some possible similarity, any confusion between their symbol and the Yellow Sign will cause offence.

Information on the Yellow Cross, its agents and its enemies, as well as a list of stories, can be found in The Yellow Cross page.

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